Over Memorial Day weekend, our son hit a tree while driving his vehicle. The incident resulted in 2 criminal and 2 civil citations. We had never dealt with anything like this. With only one day to find and prepare for our son’s initial court hearing, I began a search for legal representation. I emailed 4 attorneys and hoped, given the holiday weekend, that someone would see our plea for help and respond.  That same day we not only received a response from Attorney Hutchins, but he also agreed to meet us that evening. We left the meeting well informed and felt prepared for the next day’s arraignment, in addition to feeling very fortunate that we found an attorney who dropped his holiday weekend activities to assist us. Not only did Attorney Hutchins secure the best possible results for our son, he remained in contact with us throughout the entire process.  He also answered all our questions completely and thoroughly. We hope to never need legal advice again; but if we do, Attorney Hutchins will be our first call. If you or someone you know needs legal representation, we highly recommend Attorney Hutchins as a knowledgeable and competent advisor.

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