Personal Injury

Helping Clients who have been seriously injured

The Hutchins Law team settles personal injury cases every year. Our clients look to us to fight hard for the recovery of their personal and monetary losses related to injury. We handle a variety of personal injury cases including car accidents, slips and falls, accidents in the home, product defects, wrongful death and others.

A sample process usually includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Client’s completion of intake forms
  • Contact with insurance companies and involved parties
  • Obtaining injured person’s medical records
    Medical record and associated billing review will determine the severity of the injury and will define the particulars of the case.
  • Settlement offers
  • Filing of complaint or answer
  • Discovery and/or motions
    Discovery is the phase of the process where our team will determine the legitimacy and probable duration of the case, and the likelihood of settlement.
  • Pre-trial hearing
  • Trial or Settlement

Case Examples

  • Represented Shrewsbury woman: Successful settlement of her lawsuit against gas station for personal injury