Family Law

Supporting clients in rebuilding, restoring or renewing trust, functionality, and family

Our Family Law practice plans and resolves issues related to parenting and family. At Hutchins Law, our primary goal is to retain or return harmony in our clients’ homes.

We help guide our clients through modifications or enforcement of current orders, paternity and adoption, custody, visitation and support.

A sample process usually includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Filing of complaint or answer
  • Temporary orders
    Temporary orders are important for establishing temporary custody and child support, and determining short- and long-term asset allocation.
  • Discovery and/or motions
    Discovery is the phase of the process where our team will determine the legitimacy and probable duration of the case, and the likelihood of settlement.
  • Pre-trial hearing
  • Trial or agreement of the parties

Case Examples

  • Helped a Northborough woman recently arrived from Kansas to process child support and custody arrangements under Massachusetts law
  • Helped a New York woman to a successful contestation of child support and custody jurisdiction against a Massachusetts man
  • Helped a Belmont woman reverse a custody and support order originating from Arizona
  • Helped a Northborough man renegotiate the terms of his separation agreement allowing him more parenting time with his child
  • Helped a Westborough woman reverse a custody and visitation order which awarded her with joint custody of her children
  • Helped a Shrewsbury grandmother obtain guardianship of her grandchild
  • Helped a Northborough grandmother dismiss a complaint filed against her to reduce the amount of child support she receives