Civil Litigation

Assisting businesses and individuals resolve contested disputes

Hutchins Law provides strategic, customized methods to resolve disputes for our clients. Knowing that litigation can sometimes be costly, our overall goal is to solve problems efficiently, leveraging every opportunity to negotiate favorable results.  Our civil litigation services include:  representing the plaintiff or defendant in cases involving Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 93A – consumer protection, injury or accident, contractual disputes, estate and probate matters, insurance claims and more.

A sample process usually includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Filing of complaint or answer
  • Discovery and/or motions
    Discovery is the phase of the process where our team will determine the legitimacy and probable duration of the case, and the likelihood of settlement.
  • Pre-trial hearing
  • Trial or settlement

Case Examples

  • Represented Brimfield contractor: Successful resolution of lawsuit brought by homeowner for alleged breach of contract
  • Represented North Brookfield woman: Successful settlement of her lawsuit against bank for negligent management of vacant property
  • Represented Northborough woman: Successful settlement of her lawsuit against tow company for fraudulent charges
  • Represented East Longmeadow man: Successful settlement of his lawsuit against a college for defamation of character
  • Represented Westborough woman: Successful in collecting a $12,000 debt owed her by a friend
  • Represented Northborough man: Successful settlement of his lawsuit against a fence contractor for breach of contract
  • Represented a Northborough Man who alleged fraudulent conduct on the part of his employer
  • Represented a Shrewsbury woman in the Armed Forces: Successful settlement against her roommate regarding lease liability
  • Represented a Sterling business owner: Successful collection of over $12,000 from non-paying customers
  • Represented Millbury woman: Successful settlement of a dispute with the contractor who installed her swimming pool
  • Represented Shrewsbury business owner: Successful buy-out agreement with purchaser of her company
  • Represented Hudson woman: Successful settlement of her tax debt owed to the Town of Hudson
  • Represented Wilbraham woman in a wrongful foreclosure suit against bank. Successful in obtaining client an extra 18 months of mortgage free residency
  • Represented Northborough business owner to a successful defense of an allegation of trademark infringement
  • Represented a Utah doctor in a suit against his Massachusetts insurance company for a denial of his disability claim
  • Represented a Grafton business owner in a successful seizure of property of a Worcester business as satisfaction for a debt
  • Represented a Shrewsbury plumber in a successful collection of monies owed by a general contractor
  • Represented a Clinton man to a successful settlement in a dispute over an illegal download
  • Represented a Northborough landlord in a successful eviction of an non-paying tenant