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Successful major transactions require the proper legal expertise. Hutchins Law provides legal insight to buyers and sellers. Home buyers rely on us to review real estate documentation, prepare documents for transaction and attend closing and follow-up with ownership documentation. Sellers trust us to ensure that purchase and sales agreements protect their interests, manage issues surrounding their title and represent them during closing.

It’s Called “Security Deposit” for a Reason. But is it Security for the Landlord or the Tenant?

Landlords in Massachusetts should sit up and pay attention. A recent decision from the Supreme Judicial Court illustrates yet another potential consequence (in addition to the already widely known potential for treble damages, costs and attorney’s fees) for mismanagement of a tenant’s security deposit. See Meikle v. Nurse, SJC-11859, slip op. (April 27, 2016). In […]

Security Deposit Law in Massachusetts

Security deposits can be a major source of frustration for both landlords and tenants. A would-be immigrant family from China recently found themselves fighting over their security deposit and last month’s rent in Massachusetts courts, following a failed attempt to send their kids to Massachusetts schools. See Karaa v. Yim, Mass. App. Ct, No. 14-P-17, […]

Know Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities as a Landlord or a Tenant!

Are you a landlord or a tenant? Do you know your legal rights and responsibilities? Are you properly handling security deposits? Has your landlord failed to return part or all of your deposit?