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Nice Try, Sistah!

Have you ever signed a contract while you were upset about something—angry, sad, depressed, or ill? In Massachusetts, a contracting party must be able to understand the nature and quality of the transaction or grasp its significance. A “mental breakdown” may be enough to avoid enforcement of a contract, but it will require medical evidence […]

New Alimony Law Now in Effect!

As of March 1, 2013, many people who have been paying alimony are eligible for a reduction or termination of their alimony obligations. Retirees and those with marriages of five years or less are most likely to receive modifications at this time, while others will become eligible in subsequent years. These reductions are the result […]

MA Court Awards Alimony & Divides Marital Assets & Liabilities After Seven Week Marriage

A recent Massachusetts Appeals Court decision upheld both the division of assets and an award of alimony where a husband and wife had been married only seven weeks before separating. See T.E. v. A.O, Mass. App. Ct. 11-P-246, (2012).