Criminal Law

At Hutchins Law, we believe that anyone accused of a crime deserves a proper defense. Our team’s understanding of current laws combined with our litigation expertise allows us to build a strategy that will deliver outcomes warranted under the law. Our specialties include: first-time offender DUI, breaking and entering, disorderly conduct, theft, fraud, assault, domestic violence and more.

Shoplifting: Who Wins? The Store or the Shoplifter?

You’ve been caught shoplifting; now you need to repay the store for the item(s) you stole. Should your personal financial circumstances be considered by the judge when deciding how much you should repay the store; and, should the store get the retail value of the item(s)? These were the questions answered by the Supreme Judicial […]

Stop Bothering Me! How to Get and Renew a Harassment Order

Harassment Prevention Orders (“HPO”) are similar to Restraining Orders (“RO”) in the sense that both orders require an offending individual to stay away and not contact the complaining victim. Generally both orders are issued for one year at a time, and then require that the complaining victim return to court and request that the order […]

Can I Call My Attorney Before I Take A Breathalyzer?

Prior to 2003, Massachusetts drunk driving laws held that a driver suspected of drunk driving did not have a right to consult with an attorney prior to taking a breathalyzer test. In 2003, the legislature amended Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 90, section 24 to include a “.08 or greater” theory, where a breath test reading […]

You Can Be Excused For Breaking the Law IF…

When the Winter winds blow, and the ground is covered in snow, those of us fortunate enough to have adequate, and even luxurious shelter, often forget the plight of those homeless, still out on the street, fighting the cold. A recent SJC decision brought the issue of homelessness center stage when it ruled on the […]

Using Craigslist as a Weapon

Craigslist is a popular online venue for all kinds of transactions and advertisements. But one Massachusetts couple recently found themselves on the guilty end of a criminal harassment conviction after using the site as a vehicle for cyber-harassment. And the Supreme Judicial Court affirmed their convictions in its decision: Commonwealth v. Willam P. (& Gail […]

Is It Stealing If You Didn’t Think It Was?

Could you go to jail for bringing home someone’s old table or bike that is left by the side of the road? Could you be stealing, or committing “larceny,” without knowing it? A recent Massachusetts S.J.C. decision, Commonwealth v. Liebenow, held that to prove larceny, the Commonwealth must show that a defendant (1) took and […]

Domestic Violence Help At Your Job

Public scrutiny has recently focused on the NFL’s response to accusations against its players of domestic violence. Massachusetts is currently addressing another side of domestic violence— employers’ treatment of the victims of domestic violence. On August 8, 2014, Governor Deval Patrick signed a new law that requires employers with fifty or more employees to provide […]

Putting Police Interviews on the Hot Seat

Recent news coverage has increased public concern over the police’s treatment of suspects, witnesses, and bystanders. Family members of individuals with special needs may fear that their loved one’s special needs will put him or her at increased risk in an encounter with police or the legal system. Concern is merited. In some situations, special […]

No You Can’t Have A “Sneaky Sleepover” With My Daughter! Oh; I Guess You Can.

Online sexual predators are a legitimate and terrifying concern for many parents. Can a parent get a restraining order to protect his or her teenager against someone the parent dislikes? An S.J.C. case limits the situations where a protective order may be issued.

Leave Me Alone!

Have you or a loved one been the target of abusive or harassing conduct? Is there someone that you wish would just leave you alone? This year the S.J.C. clarified what is needed to obtain a “harassment prevention order” in Massachusetts.