Massachusetts New “Earned Sick Time” Law

Are you or your business ready for the new sick leave law? Beginning July 1, 2015, Massachusetts will require employers with 11 or more employees to provide paid sick leave for all employees— including part-time employees. Employers with fewer than 11 employees must provide the same amount of sick leave, but are not required to […]

“No; Joe. Our Clients Don’t Want To See Your Awesome Tattoo.”

While your body piercings or tattoos may be fantastic expressions of your personhood, Massachusetts employers are not required to appreciate their greatness. If you have a body piercing or tattoo, or are thinking of getting one, you should know that your employer can probably make you remove it, cover it up, or even fire you […]

Hey! Can I Check Out Your Zip Code?

Do store clerks still ask you for your zip code when you pay with a credit card? Did you know that your zip code and name is enough for businesses to access your other personal information, including your address and phone number? In 2013 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held that the your zip code is […]

Wait! That’s Not What I Meant to Sign!

When negotiating an agreement, parties sometimes make verbal or written commitments that are not recorded in the final, written contract. Confusion and disagreement can arise when parties disagree over whether prior or contemporaneous commitments are part of a final deal between the parties.

Homeowners: Emails to Contractors Could Establish a Contract!

Having work done on your home? Be careful when you are exchanging emails with contractors, or you may end up with an extra lien on your home!

Domestic Violence Help At Your Job

Public scrutiny has recently focused on the NFL’s response to accusations against its players of domestic violence. Massachusetts is currently addressing another side of domestic violence— employers’ treatment of the victims of domestic violence. On August 8, 2014, Governor Deval Patrick signed a new law that requires employers with fifty or more employees to provide […]

My Employer Isn’t Paying Me!

The Massachusetts Wage Act was first enacted in 1879 to ensure that municipalities paid “laborers” a minimum weekly wage. The Wage Act has been expanded over time to include all private employers, generally requiring them to pay employees’ wages weekly or bi-weekly. See G.L. c. 149, § 148. If employers fail to pay wages, the […]

Is Your Yard a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?

Summer is here, and it’s time for pools, trampolines, and outdoor fun. Is there danger lurking in your yard or your neighbor’s property? Outdoor equipment can be a major source of liability for homeowners and landlords. In recent years, Massachusetts courts have increased landowners’ potential liability for injuries suffered by visitors. A 2013 S.J.C. case […]

Nice Try, Sistah!

Have you ever signed a contract while you were upset about something—angry, sad, depressed, or ill? In Massachusetts, a contracting party must be able to understand the nature and quality of the transaction or grasp its significance. A “mental breakdown” may be enough to avoid enforcement of a contract, but it will require medical evidence […]

Leave Me Alone!

Have you or a loved one been the target of abusive or harassing conduct? Is there someone that you wish would just leave you alone? This year the S.J.C. clarified what is needed to obtain a “harassment prevention order” in Massachusetts.